Dear Daniel Hope,

First of all: Thank you for your help, to publish…. I know about you, losing your very precious violin in the desert of string instruments dealers and lyers…You got yours back by very hard work, I think and I hope, you and others will be lucky like this in the future.. By the way,- not all luthiers are like this man I am going to tell about. ( In this case I really feel engaged to warn other affected people..)

As a former concert master and pionieer educator in my own private school I got to buy a precious viola called „Gasparo da Salo“, which was renewed, – understandable by obviously reduced proportions,- to make it playable up to modern times standard ,- in any case, an original viola of venetian time. I introduced my private string instrument collection to Musikmesse Frankfurt in 1997 where I met Mr. B. and invited him to have a look to my instrument. But he behaved indifferently, which provoked my furiousity. So, living in Italy from time to time I brought the instrument to Mr B. once again and asked him to find a buyer..
That was in 2002. He behaved indifferently all the time, as before. So I told myself to be strong enough waiting and waiting, – it would be worthwhile, regarding his dealing method… …One day he would make a mistake, I was sure.
I left the viola in his hands over ten years. Once a year I had a look at my instrument, still being there. In 2006 I made up a paper to put my order down as a real document,- better than trusting, I thought. – The following three, up to four years , working as an art performer and writer, I couldn´t be present in Italy, Finally, in 2011, my viola was gone. But Mr B. all over the world doing his work. It was in vain, asking for his presence and arguments for a long time. He denied himself, but I insisted. So he put in a mediator of Wienna.and finally admitted, having opened the instrument in order to save poor viola, and found out a lot of papers, sticked over and over and ordered a certificate by “ Bears“ London and restaurated the viola by need. – But not by my order, I continued. !
His naturalness of behaviour made me imagine, how many people he must have treated like this. over years and years. Imaginating this and dreaming himself as the outstanding string instruments God, I saw a lot of unacknoledged scams upon his shoulders…He didn´t ask me before doing and didn´t inform me afterwards., certainly hoping me to be dead, as old ladies with precious instruments left in his store should be. –
Mr B. he tried to capture me by sounding remorseful and telling a money account to pay, “ – about 60 000 Euro, – and the attitude: „ Never think about it any more… “ or,- if you want me to regret, we meet in Frankfurt.- and then . forget about it…“ But me, an old lady, fighting as a performer similar social events I didn´t follow, but began my trip against the string instruments mafia. I went to the Musikmesse in Frankfurt once again in a golden knight costume of my art details, spreading education papers of Mr Bs negotiating procedures … Some dealers were glad to hear, some were angry about me, since the most glamourous dealer is,- and must be,- a God…
Visitors first didn´t believe and then were glad about me openig their eyes. Meanwhile a wheel, that runs faster and faster…..In Cremona I had two meetings with my lawyer and two legal specialists, managing me to give in again, arranging mediating procedures in which Mr B. was not present, and will not be present again and again, and so on, in order to wear down myself.- Finally I understand: Mafia is everywhere and I could consider myself lucky, to meet only moderate structures in italians jurisprudence,- they would do everything to melt the truth, – not to admit that the most outstanding string instruments expert is a gangster himself.-
To paint it more colourfull: His wife, Mrs A, when I called her „a mouse “ not knowing anything about my instruments existence , when I was in the cathedrale like ambiente of their shop to stay there in my sleeping bag till he would come,- she told me condescendingly:
„What do you think, how many old ladies like you leave their precious string instruments in here without asking any payment. “
Regarding master Bs methods of getting high standard instrumental stuff this way and regarding the ambiente I understood immediately the whole context all in one…And, believe me, I will not give up, till the affair will end up to my and other people´s satisfaction. Even if my children have to persue the scandal….
Dear Mr. Hope, I excuse myself writing a sermon like this.
Thanks once again for listening and help….,- I close this prosecution by a poem of mine:

If you need money
for the health insurance,
tell them ill,
and you get it

If you need money
for the church,
tell yourself God,
and you get it,

If you need money
for a new Rolls Royce
tell nothing about
her precious viola

and you get it. For nothing !

Koppenbrink 2012

twor human natures

two human natures