The video mosaics are not yet complete, but, since the ISTANBUL BIENNALE is open, I feel myself engaged to add the impressions.-

After all,- if I wouldn´t have had so much contact to the public, I would have been chased off the fair much earlier.

Besides my purpose, to put my finger upon MASCULINE WORLD AFFARS, I registrate my mission as an „art fair abuse revealer“ right now. Not to say that those far too high prizes galerists have to pay are not known in the world,- they are well known, and- accepted.- In my case, as a self arranged  „ melted in person, „ this abuse gets a new quality. A young artist and galerist tells me about the amounts of 30 000 for his rather small exhibition place,- at least… So, if a galerist doesn´t really sell enough by the works of his emerging artists he is out. „ Weg vom Fenster, „ as germans say. So, after all again, looking back,  I ask the young artist lady to forgive my aggressive appearence on “ her territory.“ On the other hand,- everyone can free himself to behave as I do. So, arrange your coming out and do the same.

Many other people  nowadys do so, no matter, if they call themselves an artist or not. IN MY EYES THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE, as I said again and again. That is the dilemma of the  ITANBUL BIENNALE, running right now. – which can´t have any value of freedom, real invention and, coming out art importance. – Non proclamated artists are doing ( political  art actions ) much better. No question, all of them are acting in a democraticizing, in an anyhow political way, only by authorizing their human engagement without order or permission.   They are not directed and not  corruptable. No curators, no money conducting head and heart cutting generous spnenders around them. But the option to be imprisoned now and then.

Human actors, calling yourself an artist or not, you can count on this:  Future with all the „roentgenizing “ methods will imprison your engagement directly, from the beginning of dreaming about it in your head, by using your brain, that forbids your purposes.-  Mainly “ THE ART COURT “ will settle down in your heads and bind your hands and feet…Nevertheless don´t drop your courage. A world  full of human artists is the solution. All the “ higher art“ and commerce and political supremes can´t put those masses of „classless art heroes“ in jail. Trust me, they can´t !

Back to the Art Basel performance again:

Artists and galerists, forget your longing for competition for a while. Transfer your power into a complete boycott of „exclusive exhibitions“ like that. Refuse to take part for one, up to three  years.  ( The miraculous number )…Do you know what happens afterwards ? Imagine, how you will be able to dictate new conditions.

Transform the market. You can, if you want to.