COOP..WALK 2012 Moscow, first day.

The happiest sleep tonight since a long time. My rheumatic hurting feets are still asleep when I get up. No real pain anymore. Last days I had only bread and cheese. Now I promise to eat fish and fruit and soup and „Müsli „ once and once again. That´s what I do this and next days. In hostel Cinema there is a lack of everything. But though kitchen and sanitary situation is not satisfying at all, there is a cleaning operation every day and people take care of each other. I would not have believed it to be possible without seeing it with my own eyes.

The friendly amazed administrator seems to manage lots of people coming in and out, being up at day and night time, over and under the ground…

No possibility, to be at one´s own. Only this: Everybody swims to the depth of his laptop or tablet or handy, alone with the whole wide world, and himself in the middle. Lost or apart from reality,- nobody can tell…Anyway out of duty to share hostels tight presence, everyone is in his prefered desert.-

Me too, but I am without my real laptop, and my handy seems to be on a stop since my arrival here. I accuse myself of having initiated it by clicking here and there in a hurry to be on the top of time…and resignate finally.

It is not the pain to be out of breath the whole time in Moskau. So I give up. Isn´t it a relieving feeling, not to accuse myself on and on of being too late running behind the time, whatever I do ?

It seems to rain, but there are only some drops and so I go out, after I have designed the COOP.WALK plates with two nepalese guys, waiting for whatever.

Waiting for whatever is my slang of now, afterwards. When the young people were sitting besides me, one of them mathematics it- engeneer, the other , the painting one a farmer wihout getting enough to feed his family, I was really involved in their situation. Why did they give away all their money before getting a job,- why did they give away their passports to the agent,- however they might have come to Moscow ? How could they behave so friendly to everbody whatever happened ? When I tried to find out if here could be hope for jobs next days, I asked to empty spaces with only yes and no positions on it.

Yes work and No work seemed to mean nearly the same and the slight and friendly atmosphere around them was filled by and by with my aggression, instead of theirs. Yes, I felt engaged, but without direction and I found out, that was mainly a non information reason. Don´t be too much in a hurry and high head position with your regret, I said to myself, seeing other nepalese boys coming in to join ours and seeing some nepalese, engaged in building houses work, when I went out. –

In a small stripe of green parc going down from metro of „ Kitay Gorod „ – , no idea how to cross the road,- close to the war memorial, some people hanging around. Snapping short I get the impulse to introduce to them and ask them what about COOP.WALK. But I don´t know, not yet, how to puzzle it out, nor bring them on fire to walk alone or with me. What is very simple to me, meanwhile, as the first, longtime experienced COOP.WALKER, might be a long process to understand for somebody from far away. I gaze and see young people gazing for kinds of stuff, I don´t know anything about. One, two guys from Kasachstan. Later I get to know, those are outcasts,- more or less to people of Moscow.

Not knowing how, I struggle myself to come along on speed with COOP.WALK´s mission in a simple and honest way. Curiosity and adventurous fun is the more stronger quality than any fear of being pushed back. So I introduce myself and the COOP.WALK to the two, who try to activate some others coming out of the metro station. Unspoken fact: They are waiting for money, nothing else.

Two security or police men approach, ears and noses wide open. The first kasachstan player seems not to care about, but his curiosity oozes away behind the back of the two policemen and when I talk about engagement instead of money, nothing is left. We seperate, me going down, tey going up to the metro entrance.

Knowing about the fact of overwhelming energies quality, on my way to come into contact with my inner flame, I don´t spend any idea to the two police spies, but I stumble about my question, how to bring people on COOP.WALKs fire. Down the steps of the parc, infront of a russian church, I notice three young people, might be pupils or apprentices. Not to let them pass away I am on their position. Words and colours , comparisons and gestures come within the quality of noticing them. The young man is the first to understand. „ Everyone is an artist. „ He is as well, with his guitarre and bass. He knows about music and the world, running round. COOP.WALK is soon setting its examplary steps with slight irritation at the beginning and then tough and self assure movements initiated by the girls, not regarding the police spies in the back. They com closer, even having their eyes upon our shoulders, when we change adresses. The young man tranqulizes them with some cool words. I am really moved by his sudden engagement and I know, everything will arrange whatever might happen.