COOP.WALKs still burning point: The stolen art objects and how to get them back…

Yesterday a small talk with the lady of Allianz pushed by „ my „ Spanish lawyer to ask her exactly how far the company would pay the step by step of accusing and refusing and taking up again and again… in case that we wouldn´t give in and pay the debth of a fault I didn´t commit…The day before I had already asked the same: How far would you come with me to reject the false accuse of Policia Urbana. The lady seemed to be irritated , stumbled for and back and

finished by: That could be a never ending story, the ALLIANZ doesn´t concede to pay. We pay the giving back of the objects and you don´t ask anything more. A deal. Not a great, but a small deal… .I noticed the lady being quick and hard breathing, and off she was.

Next day, -today,- the same again. In my back the lawyer again, writing he writig me and writing. ..He gave me a hint not to forget the finishing day of refusing the claim of the police:


He asked my order, what to do. Meanwhile the ALLIANZ lady had opend my eyes not to forget that even if ALLIANZ would pay the return of the objects, there would be the other demand and probably they would bind both together..

For me, I said, it´s a thing of not going,- to pay for a nonedone fault of this color.. For me it´s a question of : to be or not to be… to pay or not to pay… apart from the money aspect its a question of existence to give in like this…

-I know- she answered – and I know that you are connecting to public the whole story in your own ambitious way, and you know best your purpose, but..-

Yes, I understand the ALLIANZ as well. It´s not a „Humanizing Center“ .

So I took up the lecture of Human Rights superficially , came to the result that there were lots of far up in the air spelled words and sentences, (in order not to be reachable) and made myself up in the sun, to get new power.

Afterwards I wrote a letter to the Spanish lawyer with the content to drop everything. „Even if you are capitulating, I don´t do and I come out to find another way… „ I didn´t want to tell about….

But where is a wish there is a link.

I rembered the „VG BILD-KUNST, I am a member of and I phoned immediately to the „Rechtsabteilung “ When I asked her name once again, she said, I´m the Rechtsabteilung. Oh , I think you are more or less a human being, aren´t you ? No time to laugh. A lady of smart and tough directing advices. She always repeated: Don´t miss your refusing date, it´s essential. And: But your Spanish Lawyer ( meanwhile I hear Spanish Lover ) must have an impression of what is worhtwhile to put in, must find indicating details why the accuse is not right, must find a direction to come out, must find a way… She did´nt stop it till I said . It´s enough. I thank you. Probably there is ..

-Did n´t you demand any money ? Really ?-

She paused for some unsaid sentences. I said: „ For me it´s a question of solidarity not to ask for money and, to say it openly: I forgot it. If you see so much trouble, you forget it…

Sure , I wouldn´ mind to get lots of money, but perhaps afterwards, when everything is done and the story of my special art will be a time-line story…And besides that, I am not able to pay a process of long durance, even not of a small..

Just some hours ago I wrote to the lawyer and asked him to wirte some sentences to refuse the accuse. Very quickly he responded: It´s ok. The ALLIANZ will pay up to this limit. Believe or not believe…. we´ll see…